Some stuff

related to me and my hobby.

Coax not working

When I first did the real tests with my vertical for 3.5
MHz I had the coax out from the antenna switch to the
vertical. It was just there on the grass and my intention
was to have it under the snow during the winter.

On the third day I was monitoring the band with good
signals. I went out an hour and when I came back the
band was silent. No wind so it couldn't be any wind
related problems. Well, it was dark so I waited until next

Out there in the garden I found this damage. My first
thought was the cat but he had been indoors and had a
good lawyer in my XYL.

Something had been there and you can see the small
marks but also a quite powerful damaged cable, double

Now a new coax, RG-58, is hanging in the air until next
summer when I will do it more permanently.