SM3DTQ - Inge Eklund
Triangelv. 51

Phone: +46 708 151715 (also for SMS)

If I reply from an other number don't be surprised. Since
I have other GSM:s connected to keyboards it is easier.
But if I do so,
always send your SMS to the number

If you would like to send an E-mail you can do it to
my call:
SM3DTQ at A photo is always
nice to get. Just be sure you write something personal
in the mail since my spam filters are very effective.

During summer, working /MM, I do not receive pictures
on the mobile e-mail. They are collected until I am home
again. Text mails are most welcome to the /MM activity.

QSL-info: Via buro or direct to the address above. I
mainly send QSL to all new contacts via buro (SSA
where I am a life time member) and appreciate that
service for receiving them as well. So far I'm not using
eQSL and don't receive them.

QTH data:
WAZ zone 14, ITU zone 18
Laen: Y, FG-Y 503
Locator: JP82QM
Position: 62º32.2N / 17º22.1E

East coast near the Baltic sea.
Nearest city: Sundsvall.
Community: Timrå
About 350km N Stockholm.
73 es HR U de Inge